About Select Legal Leads

Select Legal Leads specializes in lead generation for multiple legal verticals. We service both attorneys and other businesses that service legal clients. Through our internal and affiliate website network, real-time data is generated and delivered to clients using advanced targeting criteria and delivery methods to help increase lead quality and results. A wide range of media methods are utilized including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Click-to-Call, Live Transfers, Email, and Direct Mail.

Lead Types

Exclusive Real-time Leads – Leads that we generate are sold to one client at a time. This gives you advantages over your competition. Target with advanced parameters to get the highest quality leads.

Live Transfers and Inbound Calls – We generate calls through live transfers, click to call and other forms of advertising. Connect with potential clients in real-time as they call. Only pay for qualified calls.

Email Lists and Marketing Campaigns – Take advantage of the ease and effectiveness of email marketing with targeted legal lists and campaigns through our marketing partners.

Direct Mail Campaigns – We can provide our leads for use in direct mail campaigns for both Law Firms and other types of businesses that can benefit from advertising in a targeted way using advanced data targeting.

Legal Verticals

Auto Accident

Business Law

Child Birth Injury

Family Law

Medical Malpractice

Real Estate Law

Getting you high quality leads is our top priority.